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Henderson Inlet

  • Mon, May 25, 2015
  • Henderson Inlet
  • Sea Kayaking

Sunday, May 24, 2015. Just two of us met at Boston Harbor at 8:45 to drop one car and take the other to the launch at the Woodard Bay Natural Resources Conservation Area parking lot. We launched at about 9:45 in Woodard Bay. We first explored the SW end of the bay with lots of little fish jumping and herons flying around. It is very peaceful back there. Once our way became blocked we turned around and paddled around the the Chapman Bay side of the Conservation Area and the up the west side of Henderson Inlet along the trestle out to the mouth of the inlet. We crossed the east end of Dana Passage over to the southeast tip of Harstine Island for a lunch break. It was a beautiful paddling day with temp in the 60s, clouds, a little bit of wind (approx 8 kt). After lunch we eddy hopped against an ebb current along the south tip of Harstine and then crossed some slightly lumpy water over to to Boston Harbor to finish up at about 2:45. Made the short drive over to Woodard Bay to pick up the other car and then a refreshment at the Olympia Taproom. All in all a very peaceful day and very nice paddle. Total distance was about 9nm.