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Henderson Inlet

  • Sat, Nov 8, 2014
  • Henderson Inlet
  • Sea Kayaking

Trip report, Henderson inlet, 11-1-2014
We were a group of 6 experienced paddlers. We had great weather (partly sunny), calm winds, flat water. It was a beautiful fall day.
The group launched at 10:30AM from Zittels Marina ($16 for one car, two boats). We paddled north to Johnson point, rounded the point and headed south about 1.5 nm toward Henderson Inlet. We then crossed to the western shore near the mouth of Henderson Inlet. We followed the western shore down to the Woodard Bay natural area, avoiding the Trestle and log booms to avoid disturbing wildlife. We did not enter Chapman Bay or Woodard Bay to avoid disturbing nesting birds.
The Woodard Bay Natural area is under construction and closed. We stopped on a small beach at the area for lunch near the southern end of the trestle. As a side note, it does not appear that the area will have an area for kayaks to land near the trestle. That is where the bathrooms are.
After lunch we headed south along the western shore all the way to the south end of the Inlet. We continued into Woodland Creek and proceeded to Johnson Point road, as far as we could go. We arrived at the south end at high tide, 14.2 ft.
We next headed north along the east shore of the inlet, stopping to explore small inlets along the way. We rounded Johnson point, and practiced rolls and rescues near the Marina. We landed at 4:20PM, and stopped for dinner on the way home.
The total distance of this trip was about 13 nm. This trip qualifies for the Inlets Paddle Pin by traveling 10.5 nm of uninterrupted shoreline in Henderson Inlet.