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Governors Ridge & Barrier Peak

Governors Ridge & Barrier Peak

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

We scrambled Governors Ridge on 9/13/2015, gaining 3,800’ in a little under 9 hours. There were beautiful views of Mt. Rainier and the peaks to its northeast, but the scramble also involved a certain amount of scrabbly, loose terrain. We closely followed the route in the 100 Mount Rainer peaks book. The proper gully to ascend the summit block of the summit ridge is not difficult to identify. It has reddish rock and is the only one on the east side of the ridge that is broad enough and has a gentle enough gradient to appeal to a scrambler. A good picture can be found at:

Interestingly enough a cell phone navigation program we used seemed to have enough margin of error in its downloaded route to lead to momentary confusion as to which was the correct gully.