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Goat Mountain, Mt. Baker area

Fantastic views on the this trip, but some of the approach is rough. Get important info on correction to summit route.

  • Road rough but passable
  • See under Trip Report.


Scramble Trip Report

Goat Mountain, North Cascades 8/28/16

     First 2 miles or so are at a low angle and have an excellent tread.  The tread gets progressively worse.  Above about 5,600’ it’s barely a path with lots of slumps with the final section going straight up.  We left the trail below the false/hiking summit and traversed the west side of the false/hiking summit on grass, heather and moss.  From here we found the official route info to be wrong.  I mucked about on the SW shoulder of the true summit and found only exposed nasty Class 3-4.  Finally, Bill (Intermediate climber) found a great route.  Traverse the snow patch between the true and false summit to the south/southeast ridge (to your right).  This was an easy technical 2 with loose rock, however, we had few rock releases.  We wore helmets, but I would say “Helmets recommended”, not required except for students.

     Rain blew in just after we got back to the trail and we moved fast down the mountain before the nasty sections got too wet.  The last miles of trail are a pleasure when you’re tired.  Stats for this trip were: 9.25 hours (.75 hours mucking about the summit route), 4,470’ and est. 10 miles.  Allowing for more rest stops I would say this is a 9-10 hour trip at a moderate pace.

     Chuck Gustafson