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Goat Lake (Monte Cristo)

Had an awesome overnight backpack trip lead by Paul Thomsen. We meet at the Forest Service Verlot Public Service Center before heading to the trailhead. You can pick up a forest pass and use a real bathroom.

It was rainy and overcast on Saturday morning. We took the lower trail which was somewhat muddy in places and had a few easily passable obstacles. It runs a long the Elliot Creek for most of the way. There were Trilium, Bleeding Hearts, and Salmonberry wildflowers blooming along the trail.

There was cloud cover above the lake so we did not see the peaks while we were camping. But we still had great views of the glacier and waterfalls.

We took the upper trail on the way back to the trailhead. It was sunny on our way out and we got to see several of the peaks we missed at the lake. Lots of Bleeding Hearts on the upper trail.

Mountain Loop Highway and road to trailhead have large potholes. There is a privy at the trailhead.