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Global Adventure - Hike Utah's Canyonlands National Park and Bear's Ears National Monument

Hiking in southern Utah: Arches, Canyonlands, and Bears Ears. Every trail offers something different and amazing, sweeping views, hidden arches, artifacts, or writings left behind by native peoples, or an opportunity to get truly off the beaten path to absorb the feeling of being alone in the vast red desert.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The weather was sunny and cold at the start of each day around 40 degrees. Would always warm up to the 60's or higher. 

    Date Activity

    4/2 Sunday Ø Fly into Salt Lake City in the morning Ø Pick up rental vans- Avis 12-person van $119/day. Ø Drive 4 hours to lodging Ø Dinner together

    4/3 Monday Ø Hike Fisher Towers- 5 miles 1,500 elevation and Sylvester Trail 6.9 miles and 974 feet of elevation. Ø Lunch on trail Ø Dinner in Moab

    4/4 Tuesday Ø Canyonlands, Island in the Sky Upheaval Canyon Loop 8.3 miles, 2,884 elevation Ø Lunch on trail 1 hour drive from Moab. Ø 

    4/5 Wednesday Ø Canyonlands Needles Chesler Park 11.4 miles and 1,450-elevation. Ø Lunch on trail 1 ½ hr. drive from Moab. Dinner at the house.

    4/6 Thursday Ø Bears Ears guided trip with Ancient Wayves, several archeological sites  and short hikes. Ø Total 2 ½ hour drive 5 hours round trip from Moab. Dinner at the house.

    4/7 Friday Ø Arches National Park – Landscape Arch (Devils Garden) 7.63 miles and 1,253 elevation. Dinner in Moab 

    4/8 Saturday Ø Drive back to Salt Lake City 4-hour drive, drop van and fly home.

After flying into Salt Lake City on Sunday morning and picking up 7 Mountaineer participants we drove to Moab. On the way we stopped at Chipotle's and picked up the pre-ordered food for lunches in the 12-passenger van. When we arrived in Moab we went to the AirBnB house, unpacked and then went out for dinner at a nice Mediterranean restaurant. 

Lodging: We spent 7 days in Moab at an AirBnB house. It was large enough for everyone to have their own bed. The home had a large living and dining area. The kitchen was large and well stocked with condiments. We had a laundry room as well for during the week doing loads of shared laundry. This house had a large hot tub that was a big hit with everyone.

Great group of people including an Olympic Gold Medalist!  All wanted to go on another Global Adventure trip!