Trip Report    

Gladys Divide

The Mountaineers hike yesterday to Gladys Divide was cancelled due to only one participant. The leader and I decided to do it as a private trip, and it was fabulous!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Started at the Staircase Ranger Station in Olympic National Park and followed the signs to Flapjack Lakes. The trails are in good shape. Several very large trees that had fallen were recently cleared. Thank you to whoever did that hard work!

    The weather was perfect with morning overcast skies, no wind, temps in the 60's. Bits of sunshine in the afternoon. Very few other hikers, about eight during the entire day. No bears or goats, just a few annoying bees when the sun came out in the afternoon. There were still ripe blueberries and huckleberries in places along the way. Awesome close-ups looks at Mount Cruiser. From Mount Gladys, we even spotted two climbers at the top of Cruiser. Mount Gladys is less than a mile past the Divide, and apparently not often visited. But the summit views on a clear day are worth the effort. We saw countless Olympic peaks, including Mount Olympus.

    We logged 19.5 miles rt, with 4,800' gain for a 12-hour day, including short breaks and a half hour on Gladys' summit. It was a great trek into the Olympics in surprisingly clear, nice weather!

    Part of Mt. Cruiser:


    More Mt. Cruiser:


    Mt. Henderson and beyond from Mt. Gladys summit:


    Yet more Mt. Cruiser from Mt. Gladys summit: