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Glacier Climb - Silver Star Mountain/Silver Star Creek

Awesome glacier and rock conditions; strong group made for easy climb

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail from highway 20 for the first two miles relatively easy to follow; thereafter, difficult to follow leading to bushwhacking.  Route from river up and out of the basin has periods of heavy, steep brush.  From above the basin to camp at 6600 ft. leads through boulder fields and snow over rock fields (thin snow making for deep post-holes).  Glacier is in perfect shape.  The rock route leading to the hidden gully is snow free and easy going.

Climbers register just off the road on the trail next to Silver Star Creek.  The trail was relatively easy to follow for first two miles, then became rather difficult to track.  Periods of unpleasant and steep bushwhacking along the Silver Star Creek and up the basin.  Didn't find a great route either up or back through the basin to the upper ridge, but manageable.  Snow over the boulder field was unpleasant with multiple deep post-holing.  Great camp on a flat under the Larches at 6600 ft.  The glacier is in fantastic shape, no crevasses open.  Snow in perfect shape.  Rock climb up through the hidden gully is snow free, easy to access from the saddle and easy to follow.  Strong team made for a great trip.