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Glacier Climb - Ruth Mountain & Icy Peak Traverse

Originally a 2 day trip was scheduled. Due to inclement weather, we shortened the trip to a one day climb.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
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    Left the trailhead at 645 AM, back at the cars at 7PM.  Mix of overcast, sunbreaks, and light rain on the return. Some snow filled gullies and stream crossings on the trail, steady  snow from base of Hannegan Pass on. Stream crossings on snow bridges will probably be the riskiest part of this trip for the next couple of weeks, but very manageable with a modicum of care. One climber decided to remain  at Hannegan pass owing to knee issue.  The ascent to Ruth  was somewhat slow going on soft snow, but manageable. There is the remains of a large cornice just above the traverse below point 59xx. Looks to be okay, with profile showing vertical edge. Probably will melt out rather than break off. (Dispersed party crossing on return just to be safe.) Roped up from Ruth Saddle to  summit. The group decided not to continue to Icy--mostly in consideration for the climber waiting at Hannegan. Good group of climbers that showed a lot of good will toward each other. An excellent outing.