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Glacier Climb - Mount Rainier/Disappointment Cleaver

Route is in! Clear path for the masses to slog up, wanded, hand lines, running belays if wanted.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Great trip!  left Seattle at 5am. big line in the ranger station, started up at 8:30. Got to Muir 1:30 and roped up for the quick glacier section, watch for rock fall, and tented at Ingraham Flats for a few moments of sleep.  Left camp at 1am, didn't quite beat the Muir crowds coming up.  The DC still has a good amount of snow, only some rock.   Then the trail traverses way out right to go around some large crevasses but goes underneath what they are calling the tsunami, a big wave of ice that hangs over a section of the route, on the return trip(prolly got here around 8am), it was dripping and sketchy.  Summited at 6am.  Watch the Bowling Ally for rock fall, back to tent at 10am, and down to the cars(2pm).   Hot weather is changing the route constantly  but right now it's well marked with no ladders to cross.