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Glacier Climb - Mount Adams/Mazama Glacier

Bird Creek meadows TH is closed for the remainder of the year.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Bird Creek meadows TH is closed for the remainder of the year. The Yakima Nation typically opens it up on July 1st. This will not happen due to forest fires from last year and the subsequent repair/restoration which is to transpire this summer/fall.

    Used alternate approach (Cold springs TH, south route trail, Round the Mountain Trail, then cross country to sunrise camp departing off trail just past the laval flow (better) or at the boarder of forest lands and the reservation (a little longer milage wise).

    Running water was available at 8,000 and 8,200 (250 yards from sunrise camp).

    Route is very straight forward. Kept right of the glacier but not too far to avoid the rock fall. A broad bench leads to the 10 K transition. South climbing route was a total cluster. In hind sight we should have stay well right of the south climbers route and switch backed up the broad snow slope to the false summit (we used this on the descent).

High winds made otherwise enjoyable conditions less tolerable.

  • Red Marker
    46.138908, -121.495665
    46.1389079274 -121.495665406
  • Red Marker
    46.202115, -121.490121
    46.2021154524 -121.490120888

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