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Trip Report    

Glacier Basin (Mount Rainier)

Day hiked until snow was post-holing, on snow up to 8ft deep. Skiers still returning from glacier.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road clear, snow on trail, trees across about 50 ft of trail at 2.5 miles because of avalanche.  Trail snow was firm until 3 mile mark.  Caution snow bridges getting thin.

The hike was on a nice sunny day.   The trail was mostly firm.  The snow  was up to 8ft deep, you could see this  looking at snow bridges at the stream crossings.  Ran into trees knocked over by avalanche at about 2.5 miles up trail.    We turned around at about 3 miles because we started post-holing.   Skiers were returning from a day skiing the glacier,talked to one that said he 69.


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