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Frontcountry Trail Run - Marymoor Park

Trail run from Marymoor Park, up through Westside Park and the Bridle Crest trail to Bridle Trails Park, one lap around Bridle Trails Park, and then back down to Marymoor.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Parking in Marymoor on a warm summer evening turned out to be a bit challenging. Running the route from this direction means that the hardest hill is right at the beginning. I think the next time, I will run this trip from the other direction.  I will park at the west end of Bridle Trails (at the main entrance), run half way around Bridle Trails, then down to Marymoor and back up, before finishing the loop around Bridle Trails. 

Stats for our run: 9.5 miles, 750 feet of gain, 2 hours 6 minutes.