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Fox Island Circumnavigation

Date: 5/9/2015
Time: Launch 9:30am - Land 3:15pm

Tides on this day were a high in the morning before launch and a low in the afternoon after landing. Thus there was an ebb current during the whole paddle. Practically this meant that we paddled against the current for perhaps 1/4 mile at the north end of the island, had a boost as we rounded the southern end, and again against the current going under the bridge. There was minimal current pushing us along the whole western shore. Most of the eastern shore is also protected from the main current and possibly had a slight eddy in our direction. In short, current was not much of a factor.

The parking area is small so encourage carpooling. There is no bathroom facility at the launch. The western shore and especially southern part has many secluded sections for break. On the southern end (SE really) is a park with fishing peer and bathrooms.