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Foss Peak/Unicorn Creek

Foss Peak/Unicorn Creek

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Another glorious day in the Tatoosh! we took the summer trail up to Snow Lake, it was all under snow but a well defined boot path was simple to follow. Ascended the gully to gain the ridge above the lake basin, no issues, there were existing steps we just improved. Avoided walking under cornices, gained the Foss Ridge at the low point then painstakingly walked the west side of the ridgeline, being sure to give cornices wide berth. Some icy patches in the trees but no issues since it was about 1100 by the time we were there. Cornices had noticeably receded from a week ago (see Fritz's report) so that a few portions of the rock ridge near the false summit were exposed. Between the false and true summit a large and very unstable cornice is still there but we were able to go climber's left around it and had no issues. Nice glissade all the way down to the small lake basin just below Foss. Then a long traverse out and down to Pinnacle TH.
We saw a fox just below Foss, it took cover, not sure if it had a den nearby. Not habituated to people as far as we could tell. also saw marmot with kits in the Unicorn basin.

Progress in the soft snow was not fast, we took a slow to moderate pace and enjoyed the views. Took about 6 hrs to cover the roughly 4 miles (including lunch stop and breaks), a good chunk of time consumed in carefully walking the ridge.