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Florence Peak (winter)

Included Sweet Peak on ascent for a bit of a cross country/navigation problem (standard route on descent). Total trip was 4000' over 8 miles. Snow level started at ~3000(est) and gradually rose throughout the day, but we got above it at ~4000 for a bit drier/colder conditions up to the summit of Florence. Micro-spikes were useful on portions of trail, switched to snowshoes at ~5000' (just past Pt 5042). Backup destination for original trip to Icicle Ridge (major winter storm made getting to/from Leavenworth problematical). Snow level forecast rising to 7000-9000' incentivized us to get down early. Trip was 7:30am to 3pm.

  • Red Marker
    46.994905, -121.915369
    46.994904949 -121.915369034
  • Red Marker
    46.971600, -121.901422
    46.9716001652 -121.901421547

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