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Fay Peak loop

Clockwise loop of Fay via Knapsack Pass

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Boot path can be followed >90% of the way on this loop

Nice time of year to scramble Fay.  Ripe huckleberries, and a herd of 12 goats that we traversed above, passing about 30 yards away.  You can head up right on faint boot tread about 50 vertical feet below Knapsack Pass, or do as we did, continuing to the pass and turning right, then dropping to the base of the wall and connecting with an obvious boot path.  After tagging the true high point on Fay, we followed the ridge towards the usual scramble peak, dropping left (south) at a cairn.  after traversing several hundred yards under two outcroppings, head back up to the ridge and follow it to Fay's labeled summit.  We took west ridge down mainly on boot path to complete the loop.  Saw deer in valley and another 4 goats high on ridge between First Mother and Castle.  About 2.5 hrs car to labeled Fay summit, 1 hour back to car.  Views were of nearby ridges mostly due to swirling clouds, with brief view of part of Rainier.