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Trip Report    

Fay Peak, Hessong Rock & Mount Pleasant

Trip Date: 8/10/2014
Round trip miles: 7
Elevation gain: ~3000
Elapsed Time: 7 1/4 hours

On Sunday we scrambled 3 peaks at Mowich Lake: Fay, Hessong & Pleasant. We did a one way trip over Fay, leaving the trail to Knapsack at 5400 (there is a bootpath) and heading towards the east ridge. At the top, there is supposed to be a path that goes down a bit to the east saddle and then traverses before going down. But there was a steep snowfield with a bad runout that I did not want to take the group near. Snow was soft on top but hard below. You would have to arrest immediately to have any chance of stopping. So given that, we looked for an alternate path and eventually discovered the north ridge. You follow the north ridge of Fay down to about 6200' then descend into the rocky basin and traverse back over to the trail at 6000'. Very loose rock in this area.

The rest of the trip was much more straight forward, from Knapsack we descended and traverse our way over to Pleasant, mostly following a bootpath the entire way. Pleasant then over to Hessong Rock, then back to the saddle and directly down the bootpath towards the Wonderland trail where we completed the loop. Saddle was teeming with beargrass and other flowers. Spray Park a little past primetime I think.

Some bugs, not so bad. Weather was very hot today. Lots of goats on both sides of Fay (maybe same herd)