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Emerald Ridge Loop/Westside Road

Trip was on 4/5/2015.
Beautiful day with Tahoma Creek Trail flagged and negotiable. Thin snow conditions made the ice axe self belays used to reach Pt 6032 a bit problematic, especially the bit directly above the cliff. On descent we faced in for this portion to minimize the chance of having a step blow out.
It was a good thing we brought snowshoes. Although we did not use them for ascent by way of the south side of Emerald Ridge (steps were already kicked), they were very much needed for our descent by way of the Wonderland Trail on the north side of Emerald Ridge (no human tracks, we were the first ones down this way, although we did see some big canine looking prints in the snow, wolverine? coyote? Maybe even a wolf?). Total trip due to Pt 6032 excursion was ~14 miles, ~3500' elevation gain, and ~8 hours car to car.

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