Trip Report    

Emerald Ridge Loop Hike

Beautiful meadows and expansive views of the west side of Mount Rainier, but without the crowds found in other places.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • All the snow is gone, and the remains of the Tahoma Creek trail (the portion west of the suspension bridge) continues its rapid deterioration.  The section of this trail from where it leaves the West Side Road (~3200’) to the elevation of ~3600’ is completely gone from prior streams flows (no flagging was apparent), and there are spots in this area where a person would be hard pressed to scramble up the adjacent bank should a sudden flow occur.

Only encountered a few other parties, and only on the Wonderland Trail portion, plus the West Side Road.  Lots of interesting features, from the Tahoma Creek restructuring activity, Wonderland Trail suspension bridge, Emerald Ridge with its adjacent glaciers, basalt columns near the S. Puyallup Campsite, and the Marine Memorial at Round Pass.  Total trip was ~15 miles/~3200’ gain over 9.5 hours with lots of time languishing at Emerald Ridge.  Photos from this (and other) trips to this venue can be seen here.