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Trip Report    

Elwha to Hurricane Hill

Beautiful and strenuous conditioner (~16 miles and ~4500') to Hurricane Ridge (elevation 5073') using the Little River trail (scramble due to recent snow).  Started from the Little River trailhead (elevation ~1000') at ~9:30am owing to earliest available ferry of 7:10am. Lush forest and beautiful rushing torrents as we hiked our way up the valley with lots of stream crossings with a mix of good bridges, rock/log hopping, and quick boot plunges. Donned snowshoes at ~4000' for the final push with lots of fresh snow, but little wind. Lots of wind out of the south at the ridge crest so, we opted to forego Hurricane Hill (elevation 5757') and started down at 3:30pm with arrival at the cars at 6:30pm. Owing to the recent and ongoing damage to the Olympic Hot Springs road this is an alternate approach to the shorter Elwha-Hurricane Hill trail that begins near the Elwha Ranger Station.  When access to the Elwha-Hurricane Hill trail is restored a great loop trip would be to use the Little River trail for ascent, and the Elwha-Hurricane Hill trail for descent.