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Trip Report    

Eld Inlet

  • Sun, May 25, 2014
  • Eld Inlet
  • Sea Kayaking

Perfect day for a paddle. We met at the launch site near the end of Cooper Point on Eld Inlet, carried boats to the water and made introductions. After a brief discussion of the history of Eld Inlet as a shellfish producer and the importance of clean water for current shellfish growing operations in the inlet, we reviewed the paddle route, weather, currents and winds and had a safety orientation. Our launch time was about 11:30, an hour after a 1.5' low tide.

Paddling north along the east shore, we rounded Cooper Point to enjoy the views of Olympia, the Capital Building, Dofflemyer Point, the Boston Harbor lighthouse, Dana Pass, Hartstene Island, Squaxin Island, Hunter Point and the west shore of Eld Inlet. We paused to soak in the complexity of this location and discussed some of the many paddle routes visible from this location. There was a 1 knot max. flood current predicted at the mouth of Eld and as we crossed the channel from Cooper Point could feel the push of the current helping us along.

Paddling south along the west shore of Eld, we took note of the entrance into Sanderson Harbor, shellfish culture operations, and the lonely call of a common loon.

Landing at Frye Cove Park, we enjoyed lunch, sharing a picnic table and good conversation. Refreshed, we continued on to Flapjack Point, then crossed Eld Inlet and paddled into Green Cove. We explored the interior of this small estuary. We then paddled north along the Cooper Point shoreline and returned to our launch site for pullout. Our pullout time was 3:30 PM. Our distance paddled was 9.34 NM.

Mild conditions, overcast sky, light winds and easy currents helped the day flow. All who attended completed the paddle. They were well prepared and demonstrated considerable paddling skills. This was an experience paddle for BJ Bjerke, Scott and Jake Ferris, and John Woodford. This also was a monitored leadership trip for Larry Cowan. Larry did an excellent job.