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Echo Rock & Observation Rock

Trip date 8/22/15. A spectacular two-summit day! Got above most of the wildfire smoke to clear, blue skies and perfect weather. Started from Spray Park th to the saddle at 6300', then turned south on the climbers path. Good path part way, then several cairns over rock guide you to the base of the Flett Glacier. Needed crampons on the glacier. Soft surface, but icy in places. The glacier has shrunk a great deal since last year, and many narrow crevasses are now opening. They were easily avoided or stepped over, but caution is advised due to softening and melting conditions. Echo has lost over a foot of its true summit - last year the summit block was wobbly, now it's gone. The summit surface is now about six square inches instead of three. Observation Rock does have a summit register, it's in a red canister hidden near the benchmark. No summit register was found on Echo.