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Trip Report    

Echo Rock & Observation Rock

Left cars at 7:45am, returned to cars at 6:15pm. We did only Observation Rock as had been our plan to begin with. Stopped at Spray Falls on the way in which was a good idea as on the way out we certainly would not have done so. Departed the Wonderland Trail around 6200' and followed the climbers trail till we hit snow around 6900'. From the shoulder between Echo and Observation we ascended clockwise around Observation Rock staying below the steep and ice snow slope above and picked up a boot path in the dirt just below it. The boot path eventually picked up the climbers trail that leads to the summit of Observation Rock. Getting to the summit is more a hike than a scramble. On the way down we decided to cross the snow slope before descending and we then descended on a very loose rock and scree outcropping skiers right of the snow slope. This worked ok, looking back the way we came had been the better choice.