Trip Report    

Echo Lake via Maggie Creek

Little traveled snow covered trail with stream crossings.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • The entire Maggie Creek Trail is under snow. There are several stream crossings, some with bridges, logs or easily passable, except the steam nearest Echo Lake junction.

    Forest Service RD 70 is under snow about 2500 ft. but with 4WD no problem.

eaving the Horse Camp trailhead at the end of FS Road 70, the trail is under maybe 6-8 inches of snow. Mine were the only human tracks, although many hares, deer and elk have been traveling through.

The pit toilet is in great condition, clean and with lots of TP (Thanks Forest Service crew!!!)

At this section, the PCT is a thinly iced over stream, which I punched through heading out, and then slipped and fell through on my return.

Maggie Creek trail itself is just lovely, quiet and scenic in the snow and trees. There are plenty of stream crossings, all passable. The final stream crossing before the Echo Lake junction I would have gotten my feet wet or had to cross some very iffy logs. Being past my turn around time and having many miles through snow and back uphill to my vehicle, I turned around at this final stream, not making my goal of the trail junction.

The trail is washed out about a third of the way in, but easily passable at this point, just navigating around and through downed trees under a layer of snow. I used my poles to make sure I was stepping onto something solid before placing my feet through this washout area.

The road itself requires 4 wheel drive and snow confidence, but there are firm tracks as many are going up to harvest Christmas trees, sled and party.