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Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls

This hike is a must for anyone who loves water. Before I go into detail, here is a couple of quick tips. 1. When you first pull into the parking lot you must know that the first one is 1/2 mile from the trail head. Both the first and last have bathrooms. We did not know that and we part right off the off ramp of the highway lot and ended walking that distance which added 1 extra mile to our hike. 2. Wear mid to high back hiking boots with a thick sole. You will be walking on pointed rocks for 3/4 of this hike and if you have on trail runners or low boots your feet will take a beating, especially the balls of your feet. There were nine of us in our group and over half talked about their sore feet at the end of the hike. Now for the hike, it was 94 degrees out and boy was it humid. The trail is under cover for most of the hike. We counted 10 waterfall on our trip, from the beginning to Corkscrew Falls. We saw a lot of people swimming on our trip especially around High Bridge, it looked quite fun and refreshing, so much that most of us are going to come back here in August to the 3.3 mile mark and go for a dip ourselves. When we stopped for lunch, we all took our socks and shoes off and soaked our feet in the water, knee high, boy did it feel good. Round trip with all the side trips took us 8 hours and we stopped at everyone of those great waterfalls.
This hike was much better than we expected. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Olympia, but well worth it.