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Dragontail Peak

Report for trip scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015. This trip was part of the long-anticipated Scramble-Ooza-Rama, in which the group campground at Eight-Mile CG was used as the base for multiple trips in the Enchantments/Icicle Creek area over Labor Day weekend. Despite some groups meeing varying degrees of adverse weather on Saturday (snow showers, high winds), all of those trips were successful and the campground experience was an enjoyable one. However, on Sunday, the day began before light with a steady driving rain. The day was originally forecast to be sunny, then partly sunny, then partly sunny with late snow showers, and finally deteriorated to steady rain all morning and snow showers and clouds in the afternoon. All the Sunday trips, including this one, were cancelled, though some leaders offered consolation hikes for those wanting to get out without incurring bad weather and limited visibility on off-trail technical terrain.


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