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Dragontail Peak

Road to TH is snow free. Camped at TH. Left cars at 5am, lake at 8am, pass at 10:30am and summit at 1pm. Back to cars at 6pm. All at a very comfortable pace with good breaks for food and water. Lake still frozen, chopped hold to filter water. Walked across lake to start of scramble up Aasgard pass. Snow was hard in the morning but very comfortable in crampons. Once above the pass the conditions were variable, hard snow, soft deep snow and everything in between. We were able to glissade most of the route down. We had a random large (basketball size) rock split our party on the decent. Put your helmets on once past the lake, this rock came out of nowhere and was bouncing around which made it very hard to predict where it would go. A near miss was had by one in our party. Overall a good day.


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