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Diablo Lake

  • Mon, Aug 11, 2014
  • Sea Kayaking

Lesson learned, in August, don't count on getting a campsite at Colonial Creek on Friday. The campground was full by 1:00 PM when I arrived there. The closest campsite near Colonial Creek is Newhalem (signed visitor center) and Godell, 12 mile West of Colonial Creek on Hwy 20.
Good thing at Newhalem campground: there is cellphone connection, so you can inform the participants ahead of time to check their email, phone messages or text messages before they leave. Leader should be prepared to call/email/text participants with campsite location.
Boat-in campsites at Diablo Lake which are suitable for groups Buster Brown and Thunder Point. Back country permit is required from the Marblemount ranger station, first come first serve basis. Thunder Point and Buster Brown each have 6 tent platforms which can accommodate 2 single or small double tent or 1 bigger tent each. Tents aren't allowed to be put up any where else but on those platforms. No washing dishes on the lake either even with biodegradable soap.
The paddle itself was glorious. Sunny and warm both Saturday and Sunday, no wind while we were paddling. Saturday we paddle toward Ross Lake take out and back. We have Thunder Point camp for our selves. If you are planning to explore Thunder Arm from Colonial Creek boat launch, it is advisable to paddle across the lake to the other side before paddling toward Thunder creek. The side where Colonial Creek is on, is really shallow.