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Deception Pass State Park: South

Friday 3.18.16, sunny, slight breeze, near 60 degrees. All trails are well maintained and popular during summer months. (There are 235 camp sites and several group sites.)

We parked at the West Beach parking lot and began hiking the North Beach Trail. Going under the bridge we walked the Perimeter Trail to Goose Rock summit. After summit, went NW on Summit Trail but turned south to the Discovery Trail. We considered taking the loop trail south to the Cornet Bay Retreat Center but road noise from SR 20 caused use to head west under SR 20, south on the roadway to Park Headquarters then followed the Cranberry Lake Trail back to the parking lot.

Notes: We started beach combing then discovered the North Beach Trail along the tree line. For children, one could start the trail at the Gun Point parking lot and after going under the bridge, take the Summit Trail directly to the summit. We chose to take the Perimeter Trail, which might not be as favorable for kids, but found it offered unique and quiet views of Cornet Bay. However, from the bridge, the Perimeter Trail looses elevation to the shore line, which one has to regain before reaching the summit.

Rather then heading back to the bridge after the summit, we took a SW route and quietly hiked along the shores of Cranberry Lake. There was discussion to hike the Sand Dunes Trail but saved it for another day.

A wonderful weather day and we met many happy hikers and families along the way. Great views looking north to the Bowman Bay trails and east across Cornet Bay to the Hoypus Hills trails. All good places for a quick day hike or exploring with visitors.