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Trip Report    

Day Hike - West Tiger Mountain No. 3 Cable Line

Quick conditioner up Tiger and back - Rainy at first but cleared up nicely.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The Cable Line trail is in its usual condition, mostly rutted but with some nice stretches.  No surprises for anyone who has been there before.  The West Tiger 3 trail is good all the way - no surprises there either.

Our party of seven ascended the Cable Line trail and descended the Tiger 3 trail.  Weather was rainy for the first half hour or so, then overcast for about an hour, then nice during the descent.   A very fun group, including a contingent from Tacoma, made for a pleasant morning.

One member of our party was very slow and opted to withdraw from the hike after about 15 minutes, not having realized this was a strenuous training hike along a steep trail commonly used for training. Because we were 1) only 15 minutes from the TH, 2) were at the junction with the very well maintained and regularly travelled Tiger Mountain trail that leads directly to the nearby Highpoint Trailhead (the main Tiger Mountain TH), and 3) the entire relevant area is in an urban trail system with continuous cell coverage, the Trip Leader made a judgement call to allow the participant to continue back on his own rather than turning around the entire party. As per arrangement, the participant texted the leader upon returning safely.

There was a 50K trail run going on across the highway (along the Grand Ridge trail system?) and there many cars parked along the road under the freeway and quite far along the service road on the Tiger side.