fungus on w tiger 3.jpg

Trip Report    

Day Hike - West Tiger Mountain No. 3

7 am weekday hike w/ 5 experienced hikers and dry weather.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We parked outside the gate just in case not everyone had a Discover Pass. w tiger 3 gate sigm.jpg

5 experienced hikers for a mentored hike. Dry weather, few other hikers at 7 am Tue. Of the handful  other hikers we ran into on the trail, seemed that at least one person in our group knew someone in the other group. Approx. 90 minutes up and 60 minutes down. Despite a forecast of wind and cool temps, felt balmy and calm the brief time we spent on the summit. Not A LOT of mushrooms but some interesting ones. w tiger moss & shrooms.jpg