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Trip Report    

Day Hike - West Tiger Mountain No. 1

Warm evening for a hike in the woods. The forest is beautiful right now.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail is being rerouted. No major change yet. Due to logging activity, access to the hiker hut is closed.

The evening  was quite warm. The woods on Tiger Mountain are very beautiful right now. Now blooming: Trillium, Coltsfoot, Wood violets and more. There were flocks of Band-tailed pigeons above.

We encountered an extremely combative  woman with three very aggressive dogs and only one leash (not in use) on a narrow section of trail. She was ready for a fight before we said anything. It took quite a bit of time for our brave co-leader to calm her down and talk her into controlling the dogs so we and the well trained dog on a leash with us could safely pass.

We were forewarned that the trail to the Hikers Hut would be closed. We decided to see how far we could get rather than change the route. It was closed only just right before reaching it. We backtracked and took a boot track to the towers. Not one of our better dinner spots. We did get a good conditioning hike. On the way down we had peekaboo views of Lake Sammamish and a gorgeous sunset.