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Day Hike - West Tiger Mountain 1-2-3

Mt. Washington training hike moved to Tiger due to weather.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Route in great condition except for 1) a few blowdowns that are easily negotiated, and 2) the clearcut area on the north side of the West Tier #1 summit has a few rough spots.

This training hike was originally scheduled for Mt. Washington (Snoqualmie) but was moved to Tiger Mountain because of  a bad/unsafe weather forecast for Mt. Washington that included snow/rain, temps around 30F (potential ice on trail), and Winter Storm Warning for Saturday evening that could have been a problem for us in case of injury or other delay.

Conditions on the East side of Tiger 3 were pleasant all day, with only a few occasional hints of precip.  Conditions along the entire Tiger 1-2-3 ridge were windy but not bad.  We stopped briefly at the memorial between Tigers #2 and #3 before lunching on the summit of #3.

Participants included someone training for Machu Picchu, someone training to get into the Tacoma Intermediate Climbing, two current members of the Tacoma Intermediate Climbing Program, and someone recently returning to the area after having lived in Africa a while.  Everyone was there to train and there were no stragglers.  Quite a nice time.

Stats: 9.7 miles, 3100' total gain, 5:13 car to car.