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Day Hike - Tinkham Tarns & Twin Lakes

Loop trip up the PCT (which was completely logged out) to Mirror Lake and then out the Cold creek trail.

  • Road rough but passable
  • PCT was completely logged out and in good shape. Some muddy places, but overall quite well maintained. Cold Creek trail #1303 was another story! Lots of blowdown that we had to crawl over, under or go around. The majority of the elevation loss down to Twin Lakes was on pretty rough trail, overgrown and rocky.

Only notes I have to add is had I known the Cold Creek trail would be so rough, I would not have led this group down that way. It stretched some of my participants comfort level and they did not enjoy it. Also, there is a log crossing over the outlet of Twin Lakes that is about 4 feet high and this was not expected either. Lastly, if you do go this way, follow the sign to Mt Catherine as you are leaving the lakes. We took the right fork and had an unplanned 1.4 mile road walk vs the .4 mile that we had planned.