Trip Report    

Day Hike - Teneriffe Falls

A pleasant walk through the woods, great for a rainy day (bonus: the Falls were running very strong)

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail in great shape. Water running down some of the rocky switchbacks, after a couple of weeks of strong rains: the area was under a flood watch. 


We had originally planned to do a loop hike: go up to the falls, then go west on the connector trail (from half-way up the switchbacks) to meet with the Teneriffe Trail. The weather forecast was dismal (100% chance of rain, 1-2 inches), but the rain held off and we only had to contend with some mist. This would be a great hike for a rainy day: it's mostly in the woods, so you wouldn't get too wet.

The falls were running very strong today. In fact, there was water running down the trail, too, on the switchbacks that get closest to the stream. Unfortunately, all this water made the stream crossing on the connector questionable, so we decided not to get our socks wet. It would be a nice loop to do in the summer or Fall, though.