Trip Report    

Day Hike - Spider Meadows

Day hike to the beginning of Spider Meadows

  • Road recommended for high clearance only

The directions on the Central Cascade hiking book are ok if you follow the road sign directions, not the exact mileage. I found the instructions on the WTA website to be inaccurate. After the paved road ended, the gravel road continued to get worse for 12 miles. One lane with turn outs. The last right turn to get the two miles up to the trailhead were the worst I have driven to get to a hike. Large unavoidable potholes, stream channels that cross over the road in multiple directions that have large ruts, probably up to about 12" deep. We had a four runner, CRV, and Jeep, we all did fine. I would not recommend driving this without high clearance.

It took a total of 3 hours and 10 minutes to get to the trailhead. The trailhead was busy, there was a place to turn around at the trailhead and park on the side of the road.

The trail was in great condition. The creeks were rock hops, or ankle deep water. Leroy Creek was a bit deeper, no problems crossing. The trail was mostly shaded. There was section that had purple aster with butterflies everywhere.  There were black flies, just irritating, no bites. No mosquitos. Paintbrush everywhere in the meadows. We went just to the entrance of the meadows, we didn't go very far in. There were campsites scattered about the meadow. We saw two hunters with rifles looking for bears.

Left Monroe P&R 6:30 AM. Stopped at Skykomish and the rest stop over Stevens Pass.
Arrived at the trailhead 9:40 AM
Total hiking mileage 12.32 (we went to the entrance of the meadow only)
Total time 7 hours hiking
Stopped at the 59er Diner after the hike
Got back to the Monroe P&R about 10:00 PM