Trip Report    

Day Hike - Skyscraper Mountain

A wonderful day in our favorite Park!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The Sourdough and Wonderland trails from Sunrise to the Skyscraper saddle are in excellent condition. No snow patches.

Started fairly early at 8:20 a.m from Sunrise. No line to enter the park and the lot was not full, but still a lot of cars there at that time. It's worth getting up early to beat the crowd. The temp was 46, but no wind at Sunrise. We got hit with some cold wind near Frozen Lake, but it dissipated on and off from there. No wind on Skyscraper though, it was very pleasant. Clouds obscured much of Rainier, but when it did give us a few peaks, wow! We observed that anyone on 3rd Burroughs would not have seen the mountain at all due to the clouds that seemed to stick around it.



We saw and heard lots of wildlife: a hawk, couple of marmots (one big, one smaller), pikas, several hefty chipmunks and a few lightweights, and a herd of about ten mountain goats. Several hikers going up Skyscraper Mtn, many more than I've seen on past trips. The 'trail' may have been rebuilt in recent years to make it safer.




Overall, a really fun and enjoyable day with great camaraderie!