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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Seahurst Ed Munro Park

a "stroll in the park" turned into a mud scramble in the jungle. The "trails" south of the parking lot area are complicated to navigate, especially in the rain.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Well, after a very active summer, my plan was to explore and develop a new route of 3-4 miles in Seahurst park that would be suitable for beginner hikers.   

    To the very popular loop (see WTA here), I added an extra mile+ behind the parking area based on GAIA and Caltopo info.  This part turned out much tougher to navigate and travel, especially in the rain.   We weren't able to find the route in many instances, but instead saw additional boot paths that are not on Gaia.   (see attached picture for the planned route vs. actual track.)  there are many more junctions than anticipated, and some we don't know to where they lead.

    Trail condition:  doesn't seem well travelled or maintained.  Some parts are steep and hard to travel when wet and muddy, and there are multiple down trees that we encountered.  One part of the trail we failed to find may be blocked and behind a couple big logs.   

    It could be a very fun area to explore and navigate, but it wasn't the most pleasant in the rain/mud, especially when we were expecting a gentle stroll in the park.   

    One participant aptly commented on how we looked after coming out of the jungle, "this is when mothers would get mad at what we did to our clothes."  We didn't continue to the WTA loop but opted for heading home early to wash our clothes.