2021-07-05 Scorpion Mountain hike group summit photo 800x600.jpg

Trip Report    

Day Hike - Scorpion Mountain

Scorpion Mountain is a safe ridge hike that rewards the hiker with fantastic views!

  • Road rough but passable
  • Route was almost completely snow free. There is no water source on the hike unless you drop down to the lake after reaching the summit of Scorpion Mountain. Bugs were bad.

Turning off of Beckler Road, the start of FR650, lies at 1,400 ft. After driving up the twisting, turning, switchbacking forest road to Johnson Ridge Trailhead you are now at 3,700 ft. Gaining 2,300 ft in your vehicle is a nice way to start a hike!

The Johnson Ridge Trail almost always stays directly on the ridge yet rarely do you get close to any significant drop-off on either side. This is a great, safe trail with very steep sections that will get your legs burning.

First the trail summits Sunrise Mountain at 5,033 ft then carries on and at the 4.0 mile mark brings you to the summit of Scorpion Mountain at 5,535 ft.

Just before the summit the trail forks and you can take the highline or the low line. We gained the summit via the highline and returned via the lowline.

From Scorpion Mountain the hiker is rewarded with nearly 360 degree views.

Glacier lilies on the summit.20210705_105552_summit_flowers_480x360.jpg

From the summit the highlight is the view of Glacier Peak. 20210705_111840_glacier_peak_480x360.jpg

Returning via the lowline trail across the grassy, wildflower-filled, hillside.20210705_112554_returning_via_lowline_480x360.jpg