Trip Report    

Day Hike - Poo Poo Point

Good conditioning hike to a popular view.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The route we took was from East Sunset Way Trailhead to Poo Poo Point. We were initially planning on doing a portion of the Adventure Trail and High School Trail. A direct connector to the Adventure Trail proved to only exist on a map so we ended up just taking the High School Trail.

    The trail was a bit slick due to rain. Otherwise there were no other hazards.

    There's a shooting range near the trail we took. On our way back, early afternoon, it was incredibly loud. There was also a lot of smoke that settled in some areas along the trail.

The trailhead we went to is noticeable soon after exiting the freeway. Parking was easy. There was a little bit of rain during the day though a rain jacket didn't prove to be that useful based on how little rain we encountered.

We encountered a number of trail runners and hikers during our hike though we still had plenty of solitude. At Poo Poo Point, we had a pretty clear view and with the little rain we saw we were able to have lunch out in the open. Overall, it made for a great hike.