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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Poo Poo Point

Our group of seasoned Mountaineers enjoyed a casual hike to Poo Poo Point with better weather than expected (just some occasional light rain and snow). There was a thin layer of snow on the trail for the upper 2/3 of the hike, but everyone had traction devices and trekking poles and we had no issues.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • After meeting in the Northwest Lot of the Issaquah High School parking lot, we walked along 2nd Ave SE to the High School Trail trailhead.  There are two major trail junctions along way that are clearly marked with wooden signs (as described in the WTA trail description).  One or two blowdowns on the trail, easily navigated.  There was a thin layer of snow on the upper 2/3 of the trail, but we all did fine since we were prepared with trekking poles and traction devices.  

Issaquah High School is a convenient place to park since the lot at the High School Trail trailhead only accommodates about 5-6 cars and fills up quickly (it was full when we reached it around 10:30am).  No parking permits required (although you probably can't park there during the week throughout the school year).

I was glad that all hike participants came prepared with trekking poles and traction devices - those were very helpful on the steeper sections of the trail covered in snow.   We were pleasantly surprised by the weather - there was only light rain and snow, and the sun even came out towards the end of our hike.   It was clear enough for us to enjoy the view and we even saw a couple paragliders taking off - didn't expect to see any in such cold weather!