Trip Report    

Day Hike - Paradise Area Trails

Everyone thought it was a great day to hike at Paradise!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • All trails were in good condition, just  few muddy spots and minor erosion here and there. Couple of easy to pass trees down on the Lakes Trail up from Faraway Rock.

My group of five intrepid Mountaineers experienced a variety of trails Saturday around Paradise in our favorite park. We looped counterclockwise from Narada Falls past Reflection Lakes, up Mazama Ridge to the Skyline and Glacier Trails, over Panorama Point and back to Narada Falls from Paradise via the Lakes Trail for 11 miles and 2,800' gain. Lots of wildflowers and beautiful scenes even with clouds mostly obscuring Rainier.

Narada Falls:


I gave this trip only four stars because of the not so enjoyable stretch along the Skyline Trail where we struggled like fish swimming upstream through many hundreds of people going in the opposite direction! Unbelievable crowds and parking lot/road choked with cars. Lots of people wandering off trail and a few dogs (not permitted on trails). All things considered, a good day out. But don't hike the Skyline Trail on a weekend unless you like to march in parades.