Trip Report    

Day Hike - Owyhigh Lakes

A glorious blue-sky day with panoramic views to Rainier, south to Hood, east over Chinook Pass and north to Crystal mountain and beyond. The trail was easy (manicured!) up past Owyhigh Lakes, the turnoff to Tamanos was obvious, and though the tread up to Tamanos was a very steep trench most of the way to the saddle it wasn't as slippery to come down as many scree slopes (dirt with larger rocks). We went up to the first 'peak' but the crossing to the main peak was too much of a scramble for us to attempt as a hike (some of the group members checked it out).

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The section of trail up to Owyhigh Lakes was wide and very nicely graded with very few roots or rocks, just a few switchbacks.  Just past the lakes, the trail to Tamanos took off to the right and set out fast angling up steeply through flower meadows in a deep trench with places to step on either side of the trench.  Mostly dirt with larger rocks.  From the saddle up to the peak was larger rocks, pretty clear route, until the first 'peak' - from there, the main peak was beyond a large boulder pile that required some scramble skills to get around so the group stopped at the first peak for lunch before heading back down.  I found the descent on the meadow to be steep but not particularly slippery - lots of 'stop rocks' and few rolling pebbles.

It was a glorious day in the meadows east of Rainier!  We had set things up to pass through the White river entry gate at 7:30AM given recent reports of long lines and an hour long wait;  however the entry gate had no line and  wasn't even open.  (No line when we came out around 2:30PM either)

The trail was as described above.  Clear skies, a bit warm but not uncomfortably so.  Panoramic views from the saddle and the 'first peak'.  A great group, got along well, everyone was strong and supported each other.  Highly recommended!

Google photos album at this link.