Trip Report    

Day Hike - Mount Washington (Snoqualmie)

A smorgasbord of weather and trail conditions made this an interesting day!

  • Road rough but passable
  • The short unpaved road to the trailhead is rocky with some holes, but can be easily passed in a standard vehicle without high clearance.

    The trail is continuously rocky and wet, easier though with snow. Lots of water flowing in the streams and some long stretches of water in the trail. Eventually we hit snow above 3,000', about 3 inches or more in places. But the path was tracked out so it was easy to follow. Some folks used micro-spikes on the descent, others did okay without them. Saw only a handful of other humans with a couple of dogs.

    It rained on our way up, but not very hard. Just enough to get wet, and no views of peaks across the way. And, it wasn't very cold until near the summit. No high winds except at the switchback before the summit, and much colder up there. On our descent, it stopped raining and we were finally greeted with those views of peaks across the way along with sun and blue sky appearing briefly!

    Overall, a day of adventure with beautiful fresh snow and Mountaineer camaraderie!