Trip Report    

Day Hike - Mount Walker

Nice conditioner!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail was in its normal, great condition. Dry and smooth. No snow. The gate is locked until April when the Forest Service hires their summer help, then the privies between the North and South summits are maintained. We encountered a huge group of Boy Scouts and their leaders as we were descending. It was great to see everyone out here. Close to 40 cars parked along the highway.

This hike was listed as a conditioner. The hike itself was timed. We weighed each persons pack and started out as a group. Consequently we all pretty much finished as a group. One fine walk!

For conditioning, strength, and endurance we touched on subjects such as the importance of nutrition, types, timing, and in having a nutritional plan. Strengthening we covered the importance of consistency and how to build muscle by adding a small amount of weight to your weekly conditioning hikes. A couple of us had heart rate monitors and compared our results.

We had the typically wonderful group of Mountaineers with varied goals. A few of the group were  conditioning for a Global Adventures trek along a 96 mile segment of the Lycian Way in Turkey coming up in April (so many adventure opportunities, so little time to do it all). Then you had another marathoner who is running Boston again this year, a couple of us are with the Kitsap Basic Climbing course, and another training for a through hike. You know, just your typical collection of goal oriented Mountaineers.