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Day Hike - Mount Walker

A great close to home conditioning hike for Kitsap Basic and Intermediate Mountaineering students and graduates, though all are welcome.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The gate at the end of the road is open so parking near the trailhead was available. Not sure how the parking will work through the summer as a second gate just above the trailhead was put in this spring for logging. Depending on the logging activity they may have the road closed not sure if is both gates or the upper gate. 
    The trail conditions were excellent. No obstacles. 

This hike is Kitsap's most loved and at the same time hated conditioning hike. We work our way up to a 40-45# pack through the winter with winter conditions. By spring before our snow 2 class, we ask our students and instructors to get timed two times up & down with weight, to and from the first vista, an 8-mile hike with 4000 feet of elevation gain. Though Mt. Walker can never replace a long steep destination hike.  Walker repeats are a great way to build endurance, both mentally and physically. One problem is not to be tempted by the car that is always so close when you turn to go up again. We travel up with minimal stopping focused on continual movement at a fair pace, not a race or competition just good old conditioning and camaraderie. The total target time up and down is 4:30 with the second round option to reduce the pack weight to about 30#. Everyone reached their target! 

The weather was fair with light rain and wind for our first round and into our second round, but then the wind howled, and the rain poured, by the end we were drenched. A great Friday adventure with an outstanding Kitsap Community of mountaineers. And of course, we were gifted a HoneyBunchies for completing! IMG_20190405_171052_424.jpg