Trip Report    

Day Hike - Mount Si Old Trail

Gorgeous Fall weather, a strong group and trails in perfect condition.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trails are in perfect condition, no mud or snow. All the junctions are well-marked.

A classic hike in gorgeous weather. When I posted this hike weeks ago I expected that weather would cold and damp in November - so good for a conditioning hike! - but we were blessed with clear sky and strong sunshine the entire day.

We took the Old Trail up and enjoyed lunch on the rocks in the sun as well as gorgeous views. Rainier was breathtaking as always. The jays were even more aggressive than usual: one of them tried to take the sandwich out of my hand! Maybe because winter is approaching? We saw lots of people feeding the jays, not cool. 

For the descent, we opted for the New Trail partway down, then cut across on the Douglas Fir trail and the eastern piece of the Boulder Garden trail. This might be my preferred way down from now on, as it is very easy and gets better sunshine than the Old Trail.