Trip Report    

Day Hike - Mount Rose

A cool, rainy start transitioned to a warm, sunny ending!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The unpaved mile stretch to the trailhead has developed potholes, not bad yet though I'm sure they'll grow. Also more washboarding then on my last trip there less than two weeks ago. The trail is in good condition. No downed trees or other obstacles to pass.

Today's trip was originally a hike/scramble on Snoqualmie Mtn. I changed the destination because of thunderstorm predictions for the Cascades. The day began with a drive in the rain and a wet drippy hike. But the rain had stopped by the time we reached Horse Camp, and the sky began to brighten and clear gradually when we reached the summit and headed down via the lollipop loop. Total time on the peak was 5 hrs 15 minutes, including 45 minutes  eating lunch and enjoying the summit. We then walked down to Lake Cushman before driving home. The water was gorgeous and tempting, lots of people playing in it and taking advantage of the sunshine. Overall it was a very nice, fun hike with two wonderful companions!