Trip Report    

Day Hike - Mount Rose

Nice, cool, early morning hike up an old favorite!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We did the 'Lollipop Loop' up the steep and down the not as steep. The steep (left) side has several blowdown trees that are fairly easy to get over/under/around. Otherwise the trail is in decent shape, but could use some trimming and brushing. The down side had been recently cleared of several trees, a little more work needed. A few mosquitoes, flies, and little flying things. Nothing really bad though, they're not out in full force yet. Lots of Columbine flowers along the trail and the Bear Grass up higher is beginning to wane. Mostly sunny starting with gradual high cloud buildup. Spotted Rainier, Adams, and could barely make out St. Helens in the distance. Nice breezes, no rain. Saw several giant, black, oblong hovering flies about 1.5 inches long just below the summit while we ate brunch. They appeared to be watching us, but fortunately didn't attack or try to take our food.

The unpaved road section was in very good condition, looks like it was recently graded. Beat the heat and the crowds with a 6:40 a.m. start, back to the cars at 12:30. Did about 1,100'/hour with 3 up and less than 2 down. Trip time includes over 1/2 hour at the summit and 2 or three breaks. Great, strong group of hikers.